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Interstate Drug Trafficking

Interstate drug trafficking is the illegal import of illegal controlled substances– like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs– by means of the interstate system. Interstates have continuously been essential for the crime of drug trafficking, as criminals play a menacing game of cat and mouse with law enforcement. What is dangerous for interstate drug traffickers is the numerous good reasons they can be pulled over: minor traffic violations, such as speeding, driving too slow, driving with a crack in the windshield, or a taillight out. Law enforcement has also been identified for employing illegal approaches like racial and out of state profiling, making interstate drug trafficking all the more perilous.

Once a law enforcement officer has you pulled over, if the motor vehicle seems to be damaged (the alteration of panels, screws, or interior parts) for smuggling reasons, they will almost always request a better look at of the car. If you do not have an idea of your civil rights and concede, then a drug bust may be underway and before you know it an additional law enforcement team member is on site with a drug-sniffing canine. Actually, you deserve privacy and refuse consent, and anybody stopped under these pretenses should just present their driver’s license and registration details. You do not have to answer their concerns if you don’t want to.

Interstate Drug Trafficking Penalties

Interstate drug trafficking punishments following a conviction for a felony state or federal drug trafficking charge will likely result in very severe complications, like a huge fine or a mandatory prison sentence. First time offenders caught with possession with the intent to make or sell meth incur a fine of up to $10,000, spend up to 9 years in prison, or both. Second offenses incur a fine of up to $15,000, up to 18 years in prison, or both.

Interstate Drug Trafficking Defense

Interstate drug trafficking defense lawyers can examine the issuance and execution of search warrants to fight unfairly taken in evidence, and can contest illegal search warrants and reveal police mistakes made during the process. When the evidence is countered against you, lawyers can delve into sentencing options and essentially reach a deal with the prosecution. In federal drug trafficking cases, where sentences are far more serious, there may be the option to check out a substance abuse program for the defendant in order to set aside conviction and sentencing.

Interstate Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The pre-file stage of an interstate drug trafficking case is the most detrimental for the accused. It is essential that you call and work with a lawyer immediately after your arrest, because police and prosecutors will move instantly and their inspection will be unrelenting in getting you to incriminate yourself so they could put you behind bars. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can look at all plausible outcomes of the case and speak shrewdly on your favor, to make sure you are not taken benefit of and your civil rights violated.

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